Take land but give jobs : Farmers on Jewar airport

Farmers from a village in Greater Noida’s Jewar region — which has not been earmarked for acquisition in the first phase of construction of the Jewar International Airport — have said that they are willing to sell their land on the existing rate offered, on the firm condition that the youth of the village receive employment from the government.

Farmers from Kureb village approached the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) claiming that they own 176 hectares of land in Ranhera village — one of the eight villages earmarked for acquisition — and that they were willing to offer this land on the current rate. They further said that they are willing to give 400 hectares of land in Kureb village for the construction of the airport.

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“We are prepared to help in whatever way for the construction of the airport. However, we want the government to ensure jobs at the airport for our children,” said Nirdosh Kumar, pradhan of the village.

An official in the authority said, “For the airport, we require 128 hectares of land in Ranhera. Their claim — that they own 176 hectares — will have to be verified. Kureb itself is located in the area we have designated as the aviation hub, and is 500 metres away from the area earmarked for the airport. The airstrip could potentially be adjusted to go through the area we acquire from Kureb.”

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